Our Services in a Glance

We are a one stop solution provider focusing on your requirements for shipping with insurance.


Benefits Working with 5P World

Shipping Insurance Services

We offer shipping insurance services for watches & timepieces, jewellery, precious stones, art work, antiques. For any other goods such as electronics, automotive parts, medical devices, please reach out to our risk management consultant who is on hand to assist with all enquiries.

Partnering with leading multi national insurance companies will allows us to protect your shipment with the appropriate coverage. Rest assured that policies are being underwritten by experienced underwriters.

Risk Management Consultancy

One of our key offerings is in the area of risk management. Our risk management process covers all stages which includes coverage limits, packaging & labelling, transit procedures sensitive word detection, address validation and track & trace.

Our proactiveness in anticipating potential problems has proven high effective in reducing losses.

Web Tools

Our intuitive web tools 5P Manager are designed specially for our customers to increase efficiency, prevent loss and provide visibility when shipping and insuring their goods.

Some of the key features of our web tools includes sensitive word deletion, address validation, 24×7 availability, automated pickup and real time tracking.

Customer Support

At 5P World, we focused on providing personalized service to our customers. From tracking enquiries, requesting coverage for a shipment or shipping enquiries, our professional team will be able to assist you.

Customer Support Services includes

Customized our services to meet your needs:- Our process and risk management procedures are built over years of experience and as such our team is able to assist you in any enquiries

Claim Services :- Our team will assist you with the claim process through communication with underwriters, courier companies and gathering & submission of documents.

Tracking updates: Our team will provide regular updates on status of shipment

Locations: Our team will assist with coordination with local representatives between our worldwide offices.

Tracking Technology

We also offer tracking technology to further enhance secured delivery and security best practices. With this tracking ability, our team is able to track the parcel once its near its destination.


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