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Personalised Shipping Solutions to fit every customer’s unique requirements. Our service offerings make use of key components of Insurance, Risk Management, tracking technology, and intuitive web tools for you to ship with full confidence, anytime, anywhere, 24×7.

Insured shipping is our specialty


Affordable rates for secure Shipping on High value Goods.


Time Pieces

Precious Gems

Art Pieces


and other commodities...

Accelerate Your Shipment

5PWorld – the preferred insured shipping solution to accelerate borderless shipments for your goods. Consumers and businesses of all sizes use our customized solution to deliver their goods to consignees around the world. During transit, your shipment may be exposed to theft, damage, and losses beyond your control. 5P World will help you mitigate risk with competitive, quality insurance powered by online technology and a dedicated team of experts.

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Why 5P World?

Personalised service

5P World provides personalised service for each customer, according to their individual demands and expectations.


The privacy of our clients’ personal information and data are of utmost importance, who range from online luxury goods shoppers to businesses sending or receiving high-value items.

Risk Management

Enjoy peace of mind while we assess and minimise risks and take care of every aspect of the freighting process.

Real time tracking

Leave it to 5P World, which makes the location of your parcel known to you every step of the way. Upon arrival at its intended destination, its sender will be notified immediately.

Interactive Web Tools

Interactive Web Tools for all your cargo – 5PManager. Increase efficiency, manage visibility when shipping and usability.


Flawless Service at 5P!Perfect for business owners like myself who can put trust in the company for our shipping needs while concentrating on our main core of my business. Thank you 5P.


In my experience 5P World has always provide above and beyond professional and very competent service to ship & insure my international shipments. I can always rely on the amazing 5P World team to have peace of mind that all my packages will arrive safely. 



3 Easy Steps for your shipment by using our intuitive Webtool – 5PManager

Our unique, intuitive web tools are designed to help you increase efficiency, prevent loss, and manage visibility when shipping and insuring your valued goods.

1. Start A Shipment Anytime, Anywhere, 24x7

  • Start A Shipment by getting a quote or booking a shipment online. Start A Shipment by getting a quote or booking a shipment online.
  • Our intuitive webtool, 5PManager, will automatically manage your shipments with the recommended shipping partner, insure your goods with competitive rates, and risk manage the shipment with the right packaging protection, sensitive content administration, and other features to ensure that your package will be delivered efficiently and safely.

2. Automated Door to Door pickup

  • Once a shipment is accepted by 5PManager, all you need to do is to print the shipping label and wait for the pickup.

3. Real Time Track & Trace

  • Have your shipment tracked with live notifications by 5PManager.

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