About Us

5P World was founded in 2018. Led by an experienced team, we make it simple, fast, and convenient to protect the value of your items during shipment. We are best positioned to advise and present an economically priced insurance coverage for each client’s individual needs.

Trust 5P World to insure your jewellery, luxury goods, art, electronics, pharmaceutical, and other commodities while in transit. We will help you minimize losses while freeing your time to focus on running and growing your business.

Why 5P World
Rest assured that 5P World work with experienced, trusted industry leaders for your insurance needs. This allows you to have confidence that your goods are covered and protected.

We work exclusively with companies to streamline your supply chain and partner with leading multi national insurance companies specializing in providing insurance to companies shipping any type of goods. Rest assured that policies are written by high experienced underwriting team at these insurance companies.

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