Packing Instruction

Safe Shipping Packaging Checklist


Packaging Materials
• Two Appropriate Size Package Boxes
• Protecting Materials (Bubble Wrap/Paper/Foam Pad)
• Non-Descriptive Tape (Prefer Fiber/Masking Tape)
• Marker

Never use Pak or Envelope to ship as it makes an easy target for thieves.

Video tape shipping areas wherever possible.


Avoid using the box with Company Logo.

Packing Step

1. Protect the merchandise by using bubble wrap, padded envelopes, paper, foam pads, etc.

2. Secure the padded merchandise in a box. And restrict movement within the box. Seal all seams or flaps of the box with clear or non-descriptive tape. Paste / Attach the inner box label on this box.

3. Fit the box in a larger courier/parcel box. Always double boxed your shipments. Double boxing minimizes the chance for thieves to have easy and direct access to the merchandise.

4. Lastly, seal all seams or flaps of the sides of the outer box with clear or nondescriptive tape. Write the tracking number on the box and protect it with masking tape. Include the waybills and commercial invoices in the waybill pouch for courier outside this box.

# Make sure the movement of merchandise is restricted. Do also ensure that, the smaller box does not move within the outer box, additional cushioning can be placed to protect the merchandise from internal shock.

  • Write the tracking number on the box.
  • Restrict product movement within the box.
  • Seal the box with masking tape.

Packing Tips

• Write the tracking number on the box. And use a clear masking tape over it to prevent smudge during transit.
• Attach a “Fragile” label on the box if needed.
• Keep accurate records of values, weights, and quantities of all shipments.
• Never disclose the contents of your shipments, even to the courier.
• Always request pick up scan

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